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1. Ensure that the chair back is locked in place and securely attached to the chair seat.

2. Ensure that the chair is placed at least 18" from a wall or other object, (6" for the Wallhugger models) to ensure the back is not obstructed when reclining.

3. Ensure that the occupant is seated or lying in the correct position.

4. Ensure that the occupant's weight does not exceed the maximum user weight for their choice of chair.


1. Don't sit, stand or kneel on the footboard, or allow children and/or pets to sit, stand, kneel or lie on the footboard.

2. Don't allow more than one person to sit on a chair or part of the chair at the same time.

3. Don't manoeuvre or pull/push a chair with the occupant in place.

4. Don't manoeuvre or pull/push a chair by pulling on the back.

5. Don't move an electrically operated chair without firstly disconnecting the plug from the electric power supply.

6. Don't allow the occupant to move up the back of a chair when the chair is reclined to avoid the chair tipping backwards.

7. Don't allow children or pets to crawl under the chair.

8. Don't allow children to use the controls of a chair while unattended by an adult who knows how to operate the chair.

 Please DO NOT apply extra weight to the footboard of your chair by using it as a footstep into or out of the chair; or allow children or pets to use it as a seat. The footrest is not designed to take a heavy weight and will break if done so. It could also mean that any damage done in such a way would not be covered under warranty if chair is still under warranty.

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