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GMA Machine List:

  • Colchester triumph 2000 lathe long bed gap

  • Bridgeport 9 x 48 (3 axis Dro)

  • CMA LCN20 Tapping machine

  • Guilfil 15/30 Press brake

  • Jones and shipman 540 surface grinder

  • 50mm drill grinder

  • 5ft KW Radial Drill

  • Fronius MW2200 Tig

  • Fronius 2700 mig

  • Oozenest 1500x1500 cnc router 2.2kw watercooled

  • Xtreme plasma 8x4 cnc 100a cutter (25mm edge)

  • MEP Mitre semi auto bandsaw 12”

  • 14” Cold cut saw

  • Assorted Fly press tooling and arbour presses

  • Tubela Uni60D 25mm, 20mm,16mm Bender 1.5/2/3d (more dies available on request)

Contact GMA today for any machine enquires,

new machines added regularly.  

Workshop Tools
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