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Case Managed Clients

With our intention to supply products with the best achievable outcome for our clients and their families, we often work with case managers via a simple 4 or 5 step process:

1) Initially we will be contacted by the case manager, which will lead to a discussion with a qualified clinician around the specific issues and requirements for the client. This is where we start building a good understanding of exactly what wheelchair products could be suitable, along with any specialist seating requirements. We ask for any reports or range of movement assessment documents to help us create a portfolio of the client.

2) Once we have reviewed the information from the clinician and/or the case manager, we book in a meeting with the end client and their support team. We'll talk through their desired outcomes, discuss realistic expectations and start the product demonstrations.


Potentially at this stage, they may only require a basic product trial depending on their complexities. In some cases we can jump directly to stage 4.

3) Here we start the tailored product trials, trying to cater for as many of the client's needs as possible. Testing environmental aspects such as terrain, doorways, openings and vehicle access is a must at this point. The seating and cushions will be refined too. Some will require one off bespoke parts to be manufactured. This is mainly done in house by our engineers.  A quote will be drawn up here detailing the product and any amendments that will be required.

4) We refer to this stage as "mid fit". Due to the nature of our chairs often being made from scratch its very helpful for the client to just "try" what we have made so far, to ensure we haven't created additional issues elsewhere for them. At this stage products can be finalised and sent for painting and or protective coatings.

5) Handover and final fit stage. We set up the wheelchair seating, special controls and environmental controls enabling us to leave the product with the client. 


It is expected and understood that as part of our aftercare experience, we will visit the client within 2-3 weeks for any required adjustments. Moving forward, we will also review the products across a period of time deemed suitable by both client and clinicians involved.

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