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Here at GMA we have a large range of scooters and accessories to purchase, contact GMA today or visit our new showroom to see our stock.


Here at GMA we are not just wheelchair suppliers nor are we chair salespeople. We are designers, engineers and most importantly real people that get to know you and your requirements. We then create a custom-made, one of kind mobility machine that fulfils your exact requirements and goes above and beyond your own expectations. The environment you use your chair in has a huge influence on it’s build and design, we do our assessments in your home or workplace, we want to experience your day to day life and then we can design a chair to match your lifestyle needs. We offer the option to book an evening or weekend appointment, our assessments are flexible and we will work around your schedules.


GMA makes it possible for everyone to participate in life’s experiences and our mission forms a fundamental part of GMA’s brand values. For many, that is as simple as living independently at home for as long as possible or, for some it’s the freedom to go out and about or participate in more active hobbies and sports. The brands below are whom we work with and then customise the chair to fit your requirements. Contact us today to arrange your assessment and start the wheels rolling on your new lifestyle mobility aid.

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